Fitness: Exercise Ideas For Aged People

Everyone should try to keep fit, even older persons. However, as you can imagine, older people cannot go to the gym or partake in any form of vigorous exercise. Due to their weakened immune systems and fragile bodies, their choices of exercise have to be seriously vetted. Below, check out a number of fitness exercises that could be ideal for any aged person.


Unless they are using a mobility aid, any aged person can walk. Walking can be used a form of exercise if undertaken for a given period of time regularly. Walking helps to burn calories, burn fat, and strengthen leg muscles. Walking is also a great exercise option for aged people because it poses very little risk of self-harm. With time, any aged person can then upgrade to power-walking.


Walking aside, aged persons can also benefit from immense exercise to their bodies through jogging. Jogging offers even more of a workout compared to walking. That is because, when jogging, one burns more calories and subjects their body to even more strain. But unlike running, jogging is quite safe as one moves at a fairly slow speed. That makes jogging quite safe for aged people who may not be able to run.


Another exercise that is great for older people is swimming. You may not realize it but swimming offers a great workout experience. Swimming gently exercises all the limbs and muscles in the body. Swimming also relaxes the body and tones muscles. And because it’s done in water, swimming has the effect of keeping you cool as you workout. This combination of factors makes swimming one of the best workouts for older people.


Another way aged persons can get their daily dose of fitness is via cycling. Cycling, if undertaken away from heavy traffic areas and at low speeds, will remain quite safe even for aged people. In a way, cycling offers as much of a workout as jogging does. As a cardio exercise, it keeps the heart rate elevated, it works the leg muscles, and it burns calories/fats. As a benefit, one can cycle while on difficult gears to create more movement resistance for an additional workout.

So if you have an older parent or friend that needs to keep fit, you can introduce them to these exercises. Have them start gradually as they get used to the exercises. Later on, they can increase the tempo as they keep improving their fitness status.