Want To Lose Weight? Focus On Burning Fat And Not Building Muscle

If you are trying to lose weight so that you get fit and obtain a smaller body frame, you may be doing one thing wrong. You may be focusing on fitness solutions that are geared towards building muscle as opposed to losing weight. This is a common mistake all around. Instead of trying to get strong, first focus on cutting the fat on your body. And here’s why.

Building muscle will not help you lose weight

No matter how much muscle you try to build, you will not lose weight. There is no shortcut when it comes to losing weight. You must burn calories to the extent that the body has to burn fat to generate more energy. Yes, you may burn some fat while building muscle, but if you are overweight or obese; then you must first burn fat and lose weight before you can try to look buff. Doing the opposite is akin to placing a cart in front of a horse as opposed to the other way around.

Muscles are heavier than fat

You may not know this but muscles are denser than fat. This means that even if you insist on trying to build muscle, you will only achieve worse results once you step on the weighing scale, Instead of your weight dropping, it will increase. Yes, you will have gained some muscle, but you will not have done anything to address the main problem of losing weight. The problem will now be worse.

Weight loss and muscle building exercises are different

Some people will argue that you can do both at the same time. That is, lose weight and build muscle at the very same time. However, this is incorrect. And the answer is simple; exercises geared towards building muscle are different from those used to lose weight. When building muscle, weightlifting is the main exercise. When losing weight or burning fat, cardio exercises are the main exercises to do. So if you focus on exercises that build muscle, you are doing the wrong exercises for weight loss.

You won’t see your muscles as long as you’re fat

Another reason why you should focus on burning fat when losing weight is that even if you do manage to build muscle around your body, you won’t be able to see much difference if you’re still fat. Muscle builds up around bone while fat builds up right under the skin. So any muscle that you build will remain hidden under layers of fat.

A personal trainer can help you avoid this mistake and do the right exercises. This will save you time, money, and lots of energy.